Poetry topic idea: Puzzles

Today’s poetry topic idea is puzzles.  In this case, a puzzle is a picture that has been cut into many interlocking pieces.  There are also other meanings to the term, and these, as well, could be used in poetry.

One way to look at the idea of puzzles, is to examine it metaphorically – a picture is take, it is broken apart, it is reassembled.  This notion could apply to things in life – there is a moment, something disruptive happens, things are rebuilt.  This idea could apply to many situations and can be used in poetry.

A poet could also take a different perspective, and write about a puzzle with one missing piece.  They could write about how a person or persons in a poem respond to this.

A poet might write about puzzles as something done on a rainy day, and have a lighter poem.

A poet could think about the different pictures that could be in a puzzle, for example grand landscapes, and write a poem about one of them.

A poet might use the idea of a person assembling a puzzle when they don’t know what the finished picture is.  They could write about the process of the person realizing what it is.  This idea could apply metaphorically in poems.