A photograph to inspire poetry: A Cloudy Sky

A Cloudy Sky

This is a photograph of a cloudy sky.  It was taken near the end of a rain storm.  Generally, the clouds are darker on the right and lighter on the left.  There is a brighter spot in the middle toward the left side.

This photograph could be used to inspire a number of poetry ideas.  A poet could write about rain, a storm, clouds, the weather, light, darkness and other related ideas.

A poet might see this photograph and view the cloudy sky symbolically.  They could either relate it to a bad time, or possibly, as the photograph was near the end of a storm, to the end of a bad time.

In some ways, this photograph looks like a painting.  If a poet thought that, they could be inspired to write a poem about painting a scene like it.

In this photograph, light is somewhat hidden and somewhat showing behind the clouds.  A poet could see that, and use the idea symbolically in a poem.