Poem with an explanation: The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop


Colors, with textures and shapes.

Different scents.

Baby’s breath,
fern fronds.

Mixed together,
small and large,
tall and short,
according to rules,
but also sight –

and there,
on the counter,
is something beautiful.

to the case,
with all the cards –

 Congratulations to the graduate!
 It’s a boy!
 It’s a girl!
 For the happy couple!
 Happy anniversary!

Then to the side,

 Get well soon.

Then on the bottom,
in a box,


The florist glances,
at the note,
from her pocket,
which will say,
where she reaches.


This poem is about a flower shop.  It starts with a description of the flowers being made into a bouquet.  Then goes to the possible reasons for the bouquet.  It starts with the happy and moves to the sad.  The poem then ends, with a hidden indication, of which it is.

In the poem, the florist was in some way focusing on the happy things around her, and was willfully ignoring the reason for the bouquet.  She looks at the note, that says what it is for, only at the last moment, because she knows, that while it could be very good, it could also be very bad.

The poem is about the setting of the scene, the idea of why there are flowers, and the fact that sometimes the reason is not good, the florist’s behavior, and the impact of the small note.

The stanzas in the poem help separate the ideas.  The types of cards are indented to set them apart, and there is an extra line space before “Condolences”, to make it even more separate.