Poetry topic idea: A Random Time

Today’s poetry topic idea is slightly different – it is variable.  The topic idea, is whatever time it happens to be when this blog post is read.  For example, as this was typed, the time was 8:14.

Using whatever time it is when this is read, a poet could write a poem.  They could write about something happening at the time.  They could find symbolism in the numbers as well.  Additionally, they could use the time as the basis for a form.  For example, the time could represent syllable counts for lines.  For example, if the time was 8:14, then the poem could have alternating lines of 8 and 14 syllables (if the time had been 8:56, a poet could have three lines that rotated, one with 8, one with 5 and one with 6 syllables).  There are other idea as well.

This poetry topic idea is interesting because it would have the chance to be different for the different poets who apply it, assuming that they read this post at different times.

As a note, the time used in this poetry topic idea is intended to be random.  Despite this, it is possible that this was read online by a poet at a predetermined hour (for example, a person might decide to go online at eight).

Despite this, the time could still be considered random because, 1) the poet did not know that they were going to use the time for a poem and so they did not pick the time with that intention, 2) even if the general hour was predetermined, it is unlikely that the exact minute was, 3) a poet could utilize the seconds in the time (for example 8:14:32) to add an extra element if the hour and minutes were not felt to be random enough, and 4) it is possible that the hour this was read was not predetermined (maybe the poet read it at some random time that they had free).

Another interesting thing about this idea, is that it could also be reapplied later.  A poet could, for example, pick some event (like when the phone rings), and decide to write a poem based on the time that that happened.