Bilingual Poem: A New Category

Today is the first post of a new category on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  The category is Bilingual Poem.

For this category, there will be a poem in English, followed by the same poem in Spanish.

This category is being added for a number of reasons.  One reason, is that it will add variety to the posts on the blog.  Currently, the main categories are: artwork inspiration, experimental poetry form, photo inspiration, poem, poem with explanation and poetry topic ideas.  This will add an additional one.

Another reason, is to provide something for readers who would like to read poems in Spanish.  This will provide something for them.

A third reason, is to provide something for readers who would like to read the same poem in English and in Spanish.  This will provide something for them.

Now, as an important point of fact, at this time, M. Sakran is not actually bilingual in English and Spanish.  M. Sakran is fluent in English, and does know some very, very limited Spanish, but is in no way bilingual.

While this does present a difficulty in writing bilingual poems, it should not inhibit it.  M. Sakran was interested in having bilingual poems on this blog, and the beginning lack of skill, was not viewed as too much of an obstacle.

Because of the lack of bilingual skill, M. Sakran will utilize knowledge learned over the years, as well as a bilingual dictionary, to translate the English poems into Spanish.  Care will be taken in writing the poem translations.  However, translation software to either write the poems, or check that the translations are correct, will not be utilized.  The idea is that, with the help of a dictionary, M. Sakran translated the poems, rather than having them translated.

Given the above fact that M. Sakran is not bilingual, it is possible that there may be some errors in the poem translations.  Although M. Sakran will try with a reasonable effort to make sure the translations are correct, there still may be some mistakes.  The translations will not be word for word, but will instead try to give the same idea.  M. Sakran would like to apologize in advance for any errors that may occur in the translations.  Should any reader notice an error, please feel free to contact M. Sakran using the contact page on this site, and point it out.  M. Sakran would welcome the information.

Now that the background has been described, here is the first poem, with its translation:

a new endeavor,
Spanish and English poems,
the first day of school

un nuevo intento,
poemas en español y inglés,
el primero día de escuela