Post Series: The Citrus Series

On M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there have been two Post Series.  They were The Tea Series and The Orange Series.  This series is The Citrus Series.

Unlike the first two series, which were based off ideas (tea and the color orange).  This series will be based off of a photograph.  The photograph is of an unripe citrus fruit.  It is below.

Unripe citrus fruit

There will be seven posts in the series, including this one.  They will consist of: a photograph to inspire poetry (this post), an artwork to inspire poetry, a poem, a poem with an explanation, a poetry topic idea, an experimental poetry form, and a bilingual poem.

As mentioned, this post is the first of the series and is a photograph to inspire poetry.

The photograph above, of an unripe citrus fruit, can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  For example, a poet could write about waiting or anticipation.  A poet could also write about the idea of something growing and changing over time.  A poet might write about the ideas of hope and possibilities.  These are broader ideas that can come from this photograph.

Obviously, a poet could also be more direct, and write poetry about a citrus fruit, a citrus tree or an unripe fruit in a poem.  A poet could also write about gardening or farming.  Additionally, a poet could write about things that are green.

As a related side note, today on, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction.  It has to do with lemon blossoms (which were on a different plant than this one).  The photograph, artwork and fiction there can inspire poetry and there is a poem there to read.  That set, led to the idea for this post series.