Post Series: The Citrus Series: Artwork to inspire poetry

Unripe citrus fruit artwork


The artwork above was made from the starting photograph of the Citrus Series.  The photograph was painted over digitally and the background was removed.  The idea was to highlight the main subject of the artwork.

This artwork can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  For example, a poet could be inspired by how the artwork was made.  This artwork was made using a similar technique as the one used to make the artwork in the Artwork to inspire poetry: Fall Leaf post.  The idea, is that something complicated, is simplified.  A poet could apply this idea in a poem.  A poet could take a complicated scene or topic, and write about just the main idea.

Another idea that could be inspired by this artwork would be the idea of edges.  In this artwork, there are a number of distinct edges between colors and shades.  A poet could see this, and decide to write a poem that focuses on edges or boundaries.  A poet might write about boundaries between countries and issues associated with them.  A poet could pick a smaller idea of boundaries and write about the boundaries between homes.  A poet might think of boundaries in a different way, and write about separation between people.