Post Series: The Citrus Series: Poetry topic idea: Imperfection

Today’s poetry topic idea comes from the Citrus Series.  In the other posts of the series, various ideas were mentioned or illustrated.  One idea that has not been mentioned is that of imperfection.  The surface of the unripe citrus fruit in the photograph is not smooth.  It has imperfections.  Imperfection is the poetry topic idea for today.

Like many things, imperfection could be viewed from different angles.  It might be seen as positive.  For example, a golf ball is not perfectly smooth, and yet this is done on purpose to improve how it is used.  Alternatively, imperfections could be viewed negatively.  They can be seen as flaws.  An example might be an imperfection in a piece of machinery that causes it not to work.  Lastly, imperfections could be indifferent.  Something might be a centimeter off, but no one notices and it has no effect.

The idea of imperfection and the different angles from which it can be viewed can be used as a topic for poetry.  For example, if a poet wanted to relate the idea of imperfection directly to the subject of the photograph of the Citrus Series, a poet might pick some imperfection and view it from the three different angles.  For example, a poet might write a poem about where the tree the fruit is growing on is growing.  They could describe how that place does not match the ideal (for example it is too far north or south, or too shady or sunny, or on too small a piece of land or with too much open space around it) and write how those things affect the tree and the fruit.  They could write in a poem how the imperfections have positive, negative and indifferent effects.