Poetry topic idea: Squeaking dog

The poetry topic idea for today is a squeaking dog.  Squeaking, in this sense, is a sound somewhere between a bark and whimper.  It is a sound a dog might make when it want’s its owner’s attention but isn’t hurt or seeing some animal or angry.  It just wants the owner for something.

Poetry about this could include:

  • An exploration of why the dog is squeaking – with either an answer being found or not.
  • A comparison between the dog wanting attention or wanting something tangible, like food or water.
  • A look at the owner’s emotional response to the squeaking – Concern? Frustration? Compassion? Confusion?  Other emotions?
  • A look at how the dog’s behavior may be a metaphor for the owner’s. For example, the owner may want something from someone else, but may not be able to communicate it directly, and may try to communicate with some persistence.
  • A look at persistence.
  • A look at caring.