Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Random Rhyming: The learned voice

The doctor said that he would die,
and spoke these words aloud so sure,
she said the man would die that week,
and that if they did think this wrong,
that they would not accept the fact,
that she so learned to them did speak.
But there the group did kneel and pray,
and they stayed there for very long,
but she so learned did scoff at them,
and said that she for sure knew best,
that she did pass the wisdom test,
and that they should accept her word.
But there the group did keep their pact,
for her loud words not one had heard,
they just believed in what they knew,
and held their hope like a bright gem.
And then three weeks did flow away,
and all the eyes who saw did cry,
for the ill man was well and new,
and arrogance this sight did cure.


(13/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Random Rhyming