Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Rhyming and Indention: Bird Not-Watching

The jays and crows do hide,
and none of them do chide,
as time they do so bide.
  The sky is clear and blue,
   and none of them do fly,
   with wings in air so high,
   in wind that does move by,
  right through the soft blue hue,
  that looks empty and new.
The cardinals cry out,
with hawks that do so shout,
  but they cannot be seen,
  the sky above is clean,
  their hiding skills are keen,
and this they do so tout.
   Though eyes do seek their sight,
   the birds are not around,
   and though this is a plight,
   at least one hears their sound,
   out in the morning light,
   when none of them are found.


(24/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Rhyming and Indention


P.S. M. Sakran has a poem pending publication with Blue Bonnet Review.  Blue Bonnet Review can be found at www.bluebonnetreview.com.