Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Paragraph of poems: Garden reclamation

When spring did start, the land was dug and seeds were sown.  The sun did rise on a day but its light was covered up by dark gray clouds.  And then the rain did fall, and ceaselessly it poured for days and nights throughout the spring.  And in the land, all grew lushly except for the seeds that were sown that spring.  Then the time flowed on, and the rain moved on, as heat then arrived.  Although there was a strong intent for a reclamation, the heat said no.  The heat stayed, the time flowed, and intent could do nothing.  But then respite, landed softly on the ground like a feather.  It stayed for two days with shade from heat and coolness.  A time, when as clouds floated by above, a small reclamation could start.

(33/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Paragraph of poems