Poetry topic idea: Synchronization

Today’s poetry topic idea is synchronization.  When things are synchronized, they match in some way.  An example might be clocks that are synchronized – they all show the same time when they are compared to each other, and they all move at the same rate.

Synchronization can be used in poetry in a number of ways.  For example, a poet could write about the process of synchronizing many things, such as many clocks.  A poet could also write about synchronization in something less mechanical, for example, like in dancing.

A poet could also write about things being out of synchronization.  An example could be a marching band, where some of the marchers are out of step.  A poem could examine the implications of being out of synchronization in this example, as well as in others.

A poet could also write about synchronization, as a form of conformity.  They could examine this as either a negative thing or a positive thing.

An additional way that a poet could write about synchronization, would be to have the poetry form they use reflect it.  For example, a poet could have a poetry form with three columns, with each column having one stanza in each row.  As the rows progressed, the stanzas could take on different forms, but in a way that they matched, within the rows.