Artwork to inspire poetry: Science Fiction Spaceship



This is an artwork of a science fiction spaceship.  It can be used to inspire poetry in a number of ways.

Obviously, there could be a number of poems written that directly involve the spaceship.  These poems could cover a number of ideas and topics.  For example, a poet might write a poem about the spaceship’s intent or maybe a poem about space aliens.

More general inspirations might be to write about things such as the future in general, travel, or exploration.

A poet might take an even more general approach and write about imagination and the idea of thinking of imaginary things.

A poet might differently take a more realistic approach, and be inspired to write about current technology space travel.

In a different sense a poet might be inspired by the artwork to write about more general social type issues involved in space travel.  A poet might be inspired to write about a realistic issue, such as the value of money spent on space travel (taking either a positive or a negative view of it) or they could write about a science fiction issue, such as what to do if an alien civilization is encountered.

An example of a poem about a spaceship can be seen in set nine on  Although this poem was inspired by a different spaceship artwork (and also by a photograph of either an insect or an insect shell), the notion is somewhat the same, and it can be viewed as an example.  It can be seen by scrolling down to Set Nine on—10.html.