Poem with an explanation: Experience

A tiredness all over,
a smell that seems to be in the skin,
standing in the shower,
trying to wash it away,
a pain in the shoulders,
a pain in the arms,
behind the knees,
and cuts on the feet.
Something about the skin,
cuts on fingertips,
a strange powdery feel.
In the hair,
under fingernails,
in the scent,
in the thoughts.
A feeling of the day,
a sympathy for the years,
a sense of tomorrow,
and a cloud of dust.


This poem, is an attempt at making something somewhat mundane, have a sound of larger significance.  It uses incomplete and visual descriptions for the effect.

Yesterday’s poem on the blog, was about laying tile.  This poem is too.  It is about the feeling an amateur could feel, and the experience they might have, after laying tile for a couple of days.

The first three sentences of the poem describe the physical experience a person might have after laying tile.  The person is tired and dirty.  The last sentence is somewhat reflective.  In the first line of it, the person who laid the tile, in an overall sense, feels their day.  In the next line, they experience a sense of sympathy at the physical experience workers may have who lay tile for years.  Then, in the next line, as if reminded somehow, they think about their next day of laying tile, and all they can think of, that in some way encompasses their feeling, is a cloud of dust.