Experimental Poetry Form: A series of conversations

This experimental poetry form combines the elements of syllable count, punctuation, stanzas and lines.

There are three stanzas of three lines each.  In each stanza, the first line is eight syllables, the second line is one syllable, and the third line is ten syllables.  Also in each stanza, the first line is a question, the second line is a statement, and the third line is a question.

The idea, is that the poem is like a series of conversations.  The conversations could flow from one to the next in some way, or be individual conversations.

In each stanza, in line one, someone asks a question, in line two, a different person responds, and in line three, the first person asks a question based on the response.  The tone of the poem is affected by the one syllable response in the second line.

Here is an example poem written in the form:

Does there have to be a new test?
And so, what is the point of this new one?

Are the test results good or bad?
Alright, so what is the next thing to do?

Since that didn’t work, what is next?
Could you leave the room now and close the door?