Post Series: Seven Apples: Stage One

This is the first post of a four post series called Seven Apples.  The series is based around four stages of an artwork.  The artwork is based off of seven different kinds of apples in two rows.  The first stage is a photograph of the apples, the second stage is a black and white drawing of the photograph, the third stage is a colored pencil drawing done over the black and white drawing, and the fourth stage is an acrylic painting done over the colored pencil drawing.

Each of the posts in the series will consist of the artwork at one of the stages, a poem inspired by the artwork at that stage, and a note about how the artwork can inspire poetry.

Here is the first stage:

Seven Apples Stage One

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork at this stage:

the seven apples
are arranged by their sizes
some are green, some red,
tree blossoms from some time past,
dispersed without an order

As can be seen from the poem above, one inspiration from this artwork is the idea of order.  The apples in the photograph are ordered by size.  The idea of this order could inspire poetry about how that order compares to a more random situation, as was done in the poem above.

As a note, the idea for part of the artwork of this post series was actually written about in a previous post.  The post was called Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Hopping frog: Seven apples, and was from September 29th, 2015.