Post Series: Seven Apples: Stage Two

Seven Apples Black and White

Above is the second stage of the artwork of the Seven Apples post series.  This artwork is a black and white pencil drawing of the photograph from stage one.  It was done on cotton canvas with a 4b pencil.

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork:

Gray clouds fill the sky,
bright fall colors fade away,
the breaths come slowly


This stage two of the artwork contrasts with stage one.  In stage one, the apples were bright and colorful.  In this stage, the apples are gray and muted.  As can be seen in the poem above, this contrast can inspire poetry.  In the poem above, the progression from bright colors to gray colors was transferred to the imagery of a cloudy sky and fall colors.  This imagery was then transferred to the idea of someone experiencing an illness progress.  The two were tied together symbolically.

A poet could see the stage two of the artwork and contrast it to stage one, and come up with different, yet similar ideas, to what was done in the poem above.  For example, a poet might be inspired to write about flowers fading, or a building deteriorating.  To take a different route, a poet might write about makeup being removed.  Another idea might be to view the stage two artwork as in some way representing what is fundamental about the stage one artwork.  A poet who thought this, might decide to write a poem about a person and describe them at their basic level.