Post Series: Seven Apples: Stage Three

Seven Apples Colored Pencil

Above is the third stage of the artwork of the Seven Apples post series.  This artwork was made by coloring over stage two of the artwork using colored pencils.

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork:

The colors return,
as the sky clears,
though not as before,
but still with some peace.

As the sky clears,
there isn’t joy,
but still with some peace,
the colors return.


One inspiration that can come from this artwork is how it flows from the first two.  The first artwork (stage one) had bright colors, the second artwork (stage two) was black and white, this artwork (stage three) has muted colors.  It is as if the colors flowed from bright, to black and white and then to muted.  The stage two poem referenced part of this flow.  It referenced gray clouds and colors fading away.  This poem builds from that, but goes in the opposite direction.  In this poem, the sky clears and the colors come back.  Although the colors come back, they are not as they were before.  They are changed in some way.

The type of flow in the artworks can inspire poetry as was done in the example above.  One way a poet might be inspired by the flow in the artworks, is to see the return of muted colors, and be inspired write about how a person is after they go through something difficult.  They could write that the person is, in some way, like they were before, but not quite.  They could use colors as a metaphor for how the person is.

A somewhat different inspiration from the idea of flow, that could come from this artwork, is the idea of covering.  In this artwork, the black and white drawing, was covered in colors.  A poet could see this and be inspired to write something related to it.  They could use the idea of covering in either a positive or a negative sense.  In a positive sense, they could use the idea and write about a person getting dressed up in fancy clothes.  In a negative sense, they could use the idea and write about a person acting or dressing a certain way, to cover how they feel.