Poetry topic idea: Science fiction

Today’s poetry topic idea is science fiction.  Science fiction has been referenced, in some way, in two posts on this blog.

One post was called Artwork to inspire poetry: Science Fiction Spaceship and the other was called A photograph to inspire poetry: A bug on a wall.

Science fiction makes an interesting poetry topic idea, because it is so broad.  A poet can write about things like:

  • Time travel
  • Space travel
  • Aliens
  • Future technology
  • The future in general
  • The present with an imagined technology added to it
  • The past with an imagined technology added to it
  • Mutations
  • Radioactivity
  • Imaginary worlds
  • Robots
  • Computers

and many other things.  Starting with any of these topics, a poet could write a broad number of poems with different focuses.