A milestone: 400th post

This is the 400th blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  The first post was on April 24, 2014 (which was 585 days ago).  It is M. Sakran’s sincere hope that readers have enjoyed the blog.

On the blog, there have been poems, poems with explanations, artworks to inspire poetry, poetry topic ideas, experimental poetry forms, photographs to inspire poetry, bilingual poems, and posts with other things.

If any readers would like to share their opinions of the blog with M. Sakran, please use the contact form.

In commemoration of the 400th blog post, here is a poem:

This is the 400th blog post commemoration poem.
It should have something significant,
hmm …

What if the poem had four hundred words?
Would that be commemorative?
Would anyone notice?

What if,
the poem had four hundred syllables,
…wait, that could be hard.

What if,
the poem mentioned things that were four hundred,
like six and two thirds minutes,
or eighty hands,
or two hundred pairs of socks?
Would that be commemorative?
Hmm …

Maybe the poem could have symbolism,
like drops of rain,
or sand on the shore,
or fall leaves,
hmm …

There needs to be something commemorative,
something with enough significance,
for the four hundredth post,

maybe there could be references to past posts,
or references to past milestones,
or just references to something past,
hmm …

at the very least,
if none of the above would work,
at least there’s this poem,
but wait,
if there’s just a little more effort,
just a little more drops in the bucket,
just a little more,
(hold on, a check …
no, not quite),
there was a silly thought,
that actually happened somewhere above,
of maybe having four hundred syllables in this poem,
and maybe referencing that idea in the poem,
with the thought,
that it might make,
a nice effect,
sort of circular,
but no,
as of two lines above,
the total count,
was only three hundred and four,
and so,
the word count idea,
the idea of things that are four hundred,
the idea of symbolism,
and apparently,
the idea of syllable count,
just wouldn’t flow,
so maybe this poem should just end,
and there should be an ending haiku,

four hundredth blog post,
yes, four hundred syllables,
take some time and count