Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poem with an explanation: Christmas tree

Christmas tree

A branch,
a coffee can,
foil from chewing gum,
caps from sodas,
cut shapes from cereal boxes,
paper clips,
can labels,
 cut into strips,
 and taped together,
a lamp,
 with a piece of pink plastic,
 dangling in front,
 of the bulb.


This poem is about a Christmas tree.  Rather than being about a large artificial or real tree covered in lights and ornaments the poem describes a tree that a poor person might put together with things they may have.  The person, despite not having much, still takes the time and effort to make a tree.  Although the tree does not meet a certain level of expectation, in the person’s circumstance, it still serves a purpose.  The description of the tree in the poem, is meant to be positive, rather than negative.