Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poem: A Christmas Song

So here there is a Christmas song,
for all who want to sing,
it is a song for Christmas time,
when all the bells do ring.

The stars above shine in the sky,
like one so long ago,
and in the night they glimmer bright,
as if they all do know.

The sun does go from east to west,
across the winter the sky,
it moves like men who did bear gifts,
as if it does know why.

And in the trees some fruit gleams bright,
as if to cheer the day,
when long ago the world did change,
in a most certain way.

And birds do sing their songs so clear,
as if to spread the glee,
like those back then on that one day,
of what they all did see.

So stars and sun and trees and birds,
do cheer this Christmas time,
and this song here that has been sung,
does cheer with its own rhyme.