Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poem with an explanation: Searching

for something,
that isn’t lost,
that isn’t hidden,
that isn’t,
a match held in hand,
is scraped against the wall,
a flame bursts with a whoosh,
and a lantern is lit,
or until,
something described,
in a metaphysics book,
actually occurs.


This poem is about trying to think about what Christmas gift to get someone.  The poem was written in such a way so as to add some profoundness to something simple.

The poem starts out by describing the situation of trying to think of something.  Unlike a problem that can be reasoned through, or overcome by effort, this problem, in some sense is overcome by spontaneity.  The person isn’t searching for something that’s lost or hidden, such that if they just kept looking, they would find it.  They, in some sense, are searching for something (an idea) that in some sense doesn’t exist until they think of it.

The person in the poem can solve their problem in two ways.  Either they will get some sort of outside information, for example, they will see something on a store shelf, and this will give them the idea.  This is described in the poem with the metaphor of a match, scraping against a wall, and lighting a lantern.  Alternatively, the person might just somehow spontaneously think of something and have their solution.  This is describe in the poem with the idea of metaphysics – the notion being that the idea existed once they thought of it.