Post Series: The Christmas Series: A photograph to inspire poetry: Citrus fruits on a tree

Citrus fruits on a tree

This is a photograph of citrus fruits on a tree.  While citrus fruits on a tree might not seem Christmas related, they in fact are.

First, these citrus fruits were on this particular tree on December 19, 2015.  Presumably, they will be on the tree on Christmas.

Second, Christmas trees are evergreens.  Although M. Sakran is not knowledgeable of the botanical definition of an evergreen, under the assumption that an evergreen is a tree that retains its leaves all year, then this citrus tree, at least where M. Sakran lives, appears to be an evergreen.

Third, Christmas is often celebrated in part with ornaments on evergreen trees.  If ornaments are considered to be a bright decoration, and in particular spherical ones, then these fruits on this evergreen tree (again, assuming it is an evergreen tree) are, in fact, natural Christmas ornaments.

Fourth, citrus fruits, although not necessarily these as they have proven to be quite sour, can often be a nice treat on Christmas day.

For the above reasons, this photograph of citrus fruits on a tree is Christmas related.  As such, it can inspire Christmas related poetry.  Some ideas include poems about:

  • Christmas treats (particularly citrus fruits)
  • Ornaments in nature
  • The natural world and Christmas
  • Things that might not at first glance seem Christmas related, being written about as being Christmas related