Poem with an explanation: A different bell

Ten bells were played,
all on one stand,
the other one,
Was this by intent?
  An answer of fog is given.
How about a remedy?
  An answer of fog,
  followed by a light.

Here is one,
but it is nine,
and so that’s ten,
but not really,
but at least something,
but maybe.

Walking silently,
climbing high,
chasing unwoven textiles.

but are they?
Different names,
but pay a toll,
and there’s the line.

Ten bells were played,
all on one stand,

one is played,
from the other.


The just ended poem series was about dogs.  This might raise a question: What about cats?  That is the idea of this poem.

The first two lines (Ten bells were played/all on one stand) are about the preceding poem series.  The ten bells are the ten poems and the one stand is the topic of dogs.  (the other one/silent) refers to the idea that none of the poems were about cats.

The next line (Was this by intent?) asks an obvious question.  The next line (An answer of fog is given.) refers to the yes and no answer of yes, it was by intent, but that was because dogs were being focused on, not because cats were being excluded.  The asker of the question in the poem, not totally convinced by or understanding the answer, asks the question (How about a remedy?).  The idea of the asker, is that they have moved past caring about the explanation, and simply want things to be resolved.

At first, in response, there’s (An answer of fog) in that the point of focusing on cats is seen, however, there isn’t a commitment to do a poem series about them.  Then though, the next line says (followed by a light), which is sort of the question/answer of How about a poem here?  Presumably this is accepted by the asker of the questions in the poem and so a poem about cats, within the larger poem, follows.

The first line (Here is one) basically is saying Here is one poem, but the poem notes the idea of cats having nine lives in the next line (but it is nine) and so concludes that nine lives in one poem, is somewhat ten.  This is referenced in the next line (and so that’s ten) which is meant to imply that this one poem can equate things with the previous ten poems in the series.  The next line though (but not really) acknowledges that this isn’t really true, but with the next line (but at least something) points to the fact that at least there’s this one poem.  The next line though (but maybe) is saying that the idea of a cat poem series might be considered at some time.

The next two stanzas are about cats and don’t reference the poem as it relates to the previous series.  The first stanza is about house cats.  It talks about them (walking silently), (climbing high) and (chasing unwoven textiles) (i.e. balls of string).

The next stanza is about large cats.  The first line (Jungles) references the somewhat cliché description of lions.  The next line though (but are they?) questions the cliché by wondering if lions really live in jungles or in plains.  The next line (Different names) is referencing the many different types of cats.  The next two lines (but pay a toll/and there’s the line) is a play on a word, but also says something.  It says that although the cats are all different, they are all alike.  It does that by playing on the word feline.  (but pay a toll) is about a fee.  (and there’s the line) is about a line.  A fee, and then a line, is together, a feline.

The next two stanzas come back to referencing the poem and the series.  The first two lines (Ten bells were played/all on one stand) repeat the first two lines of the poem and reference the same idea.  The next two lines though (one is played/from the other) are different from lines three and four of the poem and reference the idea, that this is a poem about cats.