A milestone: Leap Day

Today is a milestone for M. Sakran’s blog of and poetry and poetry related things.  It is the first Leap Day for the blog.  Happy Leap Day to all!

First, in celebration of Leap Day, here is a Leap Day Haiku:

birds in apple tree,
all are there, but one is gone,
four years of searching

Second, in celebration of Leap Day, might M. Sakran suggest reading a collection of poetry this wonderful day?  Possibly M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try?  A digital edition could be purchased and read today.  M. Sakran believes this would be a wonderful way to spend Leap Day.

Third, in celebration of Leap Day, M. Sakran suggests finding a friend and wishing them a happy Leap Day.  Giving the well-wishing as a limerick might be humorous.  Here is an example:

You should laugh on this day o’ good friend,
and spread joy with great glee ’till its end,
for the day that you see,
it is here but won’t be,
’till four years go on by a long bend.


Happy Leap Day to all!