Pending Publication: Article

M. Sakran has recently had an article accepted for publication by Colored Pencil Magazine. Although this article is not directly poetry related, it does have a special connection to this blog, which is why it is being mentioned here.

The article to be published contains photography and artwork that has appeared in posts on this blog (it also contains photography and artwork that has been on  M. Sakran is very excited to have the article pending publication.  In addition to the general excitement, this is the first time M. Sakran has had artwork accepted for publication.

When the article is published, there will be a blog post on M. Sakran’s blog about it and there will be links to the posts that the contain photography and artwork that are a part of it.  There will also be at least one link to the magazine’s website, as well as a link to the photography and artwork in the article that is on

M. Sakran hopes all readers will read the article when it is published and that they will read the posts that have some of the photography and artwork. Those posts were about inspiring poetry, and hopefully, they will do so again.