Post Series: The Poems with Explanations Series: Views



It is clear,
see this,
and this,
and this.

It’s fact.
that’s nothing,
and besides,
that does matter,
off to the side,
here’s a secret,
about them,
and that.

Now this is truth,
it is,
it is so truth,
it doesn’t even need to be called truth,
it just is.


See A,
turn the card the other way,
ignore that third person over there,
ignore anything in between those two lines.


This poem is about the expression of points of view.  Generally the point of views are about some large social issue.  In the poem, there are two people speaking: A and B.  They are on polar opposites of the issue.

A starts speaking.  In the first stanza, they say what they think in obvious terms and they point out supporting information.

In the second stanza, they reiterate the absoluteness of their point of view.  They make some brief mention of the other side, but only to discredit it on an issue basis, and then to later, discredit the other side in a personal way.

In the third stanza, they speak with clear force.  They state what they think in an absolute way.  They state their point of view as if it just is.

In the next section of the poem B speaks.  B says what A said, just changes things around to fit their point of view.  When B speaks, there is an effort to ignore any third party that might be objective and to ignore any sense of absolute truth.

The idea of the poem is to highlight how views about issues are sometimes presented.