Post Series: The Poems with Explanations Series: Empty


being pulled down,
a feeling in a tube,
a feeling in a bag,
a nondescript emptiness,
a sound,
soldiers marching,
empty bags,
metal scaffolding,
and an empty room.


This poem is about hunger.  It tries to describe it through abstract imagery.  Here are what the lines mean:

Metallic – this describes a metallic taste in the mouth that a hungry person can feel

being pulled down – this is about the hungry person swallowing their saliva

a feeling in a tube – the hungry person feels an emptiness in their throat

a feeling in a bag – and they feel an emptiness in their stomach

a nondescript emptiness – inside of themselves the hungry person feels empty, but it’s hard to get a hold of and describe

a sound – their stomach rumbles

soldiers marching – the hungry person feels a strange ache in their shoulders and arms

empty bags – with the ache, they feel empty

metal scaffolding – for some reason, they have a feeling that they can feel the teeth in their mouth

and an empty room – the hungry person feels empty inside