Shadow Commemoration Day Seven

On April 8th, there was a blog post called Poem with an explanation: Normalcy.  This blog post was written on April 7th, and posted on April 8th.  At the time the post was written, Shadow was ill, but the severity was not known.  The post was posted in the morning before Shadow had a visit to the vet.  Shadow died that afternoon.

Before writing this post, there was a thought to review some of the recent posts just to see what was said.  The post from April 8th, was the first one reviewed.

Sitting here now (on April 13th), knowing how things turned out, the post from April 8th feels completely different.  When it was written, it was written thinking about what might possibly could happen.  Now, what happened, is known.  It feels completely different.

Inside, there are so many question, of whether the time was spent in the right way.  There won’t be an examination of that here, at least at this time.  There are thoughts of it though.

Since this blog is about poetry, if anyone wants to take a poetic idea from this, it might be how time changes the perception of poems.  A poem can be written, at a certain time, and in a certain situation.  Later, after things have happened, the poem can seem completely different.  Maybe a poet could examine this idea.

As a note, from the date of March 21, 2016 through April 5, 2016 there was a post series on this blog called Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related.  This series was not done with Shadow particularly in mind (although he did influence it).  The series was done with a different focus.  With the turn of events though, it does seem nice that there was something dog related then.