Shadow Commemoration Day Eleven

There’s something about trying to summarize a life.  It’s like trying to take everything about a life and put it in a box.  Some place, that could be opened, and looked inside, and everything about the life could be seen.

That’s what it’s like now, as Shadow’s life is commemorated.  Things he had, like his collar and hedgehog toy, were put in a box.  Photographs were gathered, and are in an album.  Memories about him were written.  It’s almost as if, that if this wasn’t done, something about him might be forgotten or the memory might change.  It’s like trying to hold on.  There’s fear the image will dissolve.  Here’s a poem about this:

Right now,
you can be imagined,
your nose,
against the window screen,
your running,
in the grass,
your little excited hop,
and that cute play bow.

All of this,
is in a bottle,
and it’s trying to be poured,
into another,
with none of it spilling,
and none of it,
being left behind.

What if something was left?
What was that something like?
What was the sound,
the smell,
the feel?

How did you dig around the plant?
How did you kick your feet?
Will everything be remembered?
Will everything be documented?
Is this even the way?

Right now,
one bottle,
is being poured,
into another.

it will work out.