Shadow Commemoration Day Twenty One

There will be no new blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things tomorrow April 29, 2016.

April 30, 2016 is Shadow’s birthday.  He would have been eight years old.  Since there will be no new blog post on the 29th, and there normally would not have been a new one on the 30th, and, it seems better to commemorate Shadow’s birthday early rather than late, his birthday will be commemorated in this post.

Happy Birthday Shadow.

The small little lion,
lived for seven years,
eleven months,
one week,
and two days.

and occasionally scampering.

At first sight,
he was just a little puff,
cute and small,
and so much like a toy bear.

How could anyone,
have given him away?

Two thousand,
nine hundred,
of happiness,
and play,
and fun,
and life.
Just two thousand, nine hundred days.

He’s gotten presents,
over the days,
corned beef (his favorite),
raw hide,
chew toys,
and treats.
This year,
his best friend,
will get them.

This year,
already a special day,
there will be moments,
and pauses,
and maybe a walk,
where he used to go.
Looking around,
thinking of memories,
wondering why,
he doesn’t come,
when the trash is taken out.

Happy birthday little lion.
Know there are thoughts of you,
and you are loved.

Happy birthday Shadow.