Artwork to inspire poetry: Blue


This artwork is called Blue.  It was made with ten blue markers of different tones.  Lines were drawn in a repeating pattern until the paper was full.  After that, it was covered with a sealer.  This artwork is actually going to be used as a bookmark by M. Sakran.

As far as inspiration for poetry, this artwork can inspire a poet to write about:

  • Water (and various related things) – for example, a poet could write about waves in the ocean
  • Climbing (the artwork has a vertical ladder look to it) – for example, a poet might write about someone climbing something high into the sky
  • A testing strip of some kind (the artwork somewhat looks like one) – for example, a poet could write about something being tested in a lab and the significance of that
  • Marking a place in a book (this artwork is also a bookmark) – for example, a poet could write about when a person stops reading in a book and what caused them to stop