Giveaway: Bookmarks

Today is the start of a giveaway on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  The giveaway is of eight bookmarks.  This is something nice M. Sakran would like to do for readers of this blog.

Each bookmark is approximately 2″ x 6″ and has a pattern of forty eight squares on the front.  On each bookmark, three colors make up the pattern.

Each bookmark is on paper with a weight of 199 g/m2.  The outline and squares were made on a computer and printed on a printer.  The colors were colored by hand with colored pencils.  On the front and back of each bookmark a sealer was applied.

On the back of each bookmark is a haiku (related to the front), a copyright notice, the web address for this blog and the web address for (some of the bookmarks also have a partial outline on the back).  The text on the backs was printed using a computer.

Below are images of the fronts and backs of the bookmarks.

Bookmark fronts

Bookmark backs

Here is how the giveaway will work.  The first eight people (subject to the points below) who fill out the form at the end of this post with usable information will have a bookmark mailed to them.  The form asks for first name, last name, street address, secondary address (optional), city, state, zip code, and an acknowledgement that this entire post was read and understood.

Here are some points about the giveaway:

  • This giveaway is free.
  • There are only eight bookmarks available. Once eight bookmarks have been sent out or the deadline for the end of the giveaway occurs, the giveaway will end.
  • The bookmarks will only be sent in the continental United States. To be eligible to receive a bookmark, the address provided in the form below must be in the continental United States.
  • The information provided in the form below will only be used in relation to this giveaway.  M. Sakran will not sell the information or send junk mail.
  • The bookmarks will be available to the first eight people who submit complete and usable information using the form below. The form must be filled out completely (except for the optional secondary address line).  The information must be usable in the sense that M. Sakran can use it to mail a bookmark to the person who requests it.  This means that some people who fill out the form will potentially not receive a bookmark.
  • At most, only one bookmark is available per person.
  • The bookmarks will be sent out in a random order. When a bookmark is requested, one will be selected at random and mailed.
  • No individual notification will be sent that a bookmark is or is not being sent to an individual person. A person will know if they got a bookmark, if they get a bookmark.  A person will know that they did not get a bookmark, if after approximately two weeks from either the last bookmark being sent (which would be noted on this blog) or the deadline for the giveaway passes, that person has not received a bookmark.
  • The deadline for the giveaway is June 7, 2016 at 4:59 am GMT. This is the last possible time that information from the form below will be accepted.  The giveaway could end before that time if eight complete and usable requests are received before then.

Please fill out the form below today.

Bookmark Giveaway: