Poetry topic idea: bookmarks

Today’s poetry topic idea is bookmarks.  Obviously, it ties in with the bookmark giveaway.  See the bookmark giveaway post for more information about the giveaway.

Bookmarks can make an interesting poetry topic idea.  A poet could write about:

  • The book a person is using a bookmark in
  • Something symbolic about the design of the bookmark (for example, its color pattern)
  • The idea of one person using a bookmark to mark a page that later another person finds. This could be intentional by the person marking the page (for example, they are trying to communicate with someone) or it could be unintentional.
  • The page a person last marked before they died.
  • A person having difficulty reading and then marking the page they are on.

As examples of poems inspired by bookmarks, each of the poems on the backs of the bookmark giveaway bookmarks was inspired by the design on the corresponding front.  The fronts and backs of the bookmarks can be seen here: bookmark giveaway.  In case the poems are difficult to read from the image in the bookmark giveaway post, here they are again:

tiny raindrops fall
on wildflower petals
blue birds land on trees

bumble bees flutter
among the bright red roses
the date rings the bell

purple butterflies
pollinate the peach blossoms
a man reads a book

high in the fruit tree
peaches and leaves grow on stems
craftsmen work all day

manicured gardens
grow by wildflower fields
the visitors stop

seaweed floats with ease
on waves pushed by quiet wind
kites float in the sky

as the river flowed
they bounded across on stones
planets in the sky

green grass starts to grow
within a rock covered field
smiles on a train