Poetry topic idea: significance

Today’s poetry topic idea is significance.  Significance can mean and be applied to many things (which may be explored at some time in latter posts) but for this post, it has a very specific meaning.

Think about seeing a commercial or some other advertisement for a charity.  It could be for any number of things: a disease, a hospital, flood relief, something for refuges, etc.

Presumably, for most people, when these things are seen, if there isn’t a personal connection, there is not a great deal of significance felt.  There may be feelings of sympathy and empathy, but generally, there isn’t an action.  The advertisement is seen, there is some emotion, but then it is forgotten.  Because whatever the charity is for isn’t something that is experienced personally, the advertisement may have little personal significance.

But what happens when things change?  What happens, when someone you love, or you yourself, experience something a charity is for?  What happens when your house is flooded?  What happens when your relative is diagnosed with a disease?  How do those advertisements seem in retrospect?  How do they seem going forward?  All of a sudden, the significance is different.  When that commercial, instead of talking about a disease, talks about a disease your mother has, it is completely different.

This idea is the poetry topic idea for today: the idea of the significance of what a charity is for, changing because of a personal experience.  If you haven’t been touched by something a charity is for, simply think about what it would be like for some specific cause, and then write a poem about how the advertisement might be viewed differently.  If you have been touched by something a charity is for, write a poem about how the significance of it has changed.

In addition to writing poetry about this, M. Sakran would also like readers to take action.  Find a charity that you like and trust, that supports something that either has become important to you, or, something that you could imagine being important to you.  Then send them a donation.  It is amazing how much support a person can want and need when faced with something difficult (like something a charity might support).  A donation you send can help people you don’t know, can help people you do know, and may one day help you or someone close to you.  When you are sitting in that chair, and you feel distress, and someone comes to you with even the smallest bit of help, that help came from somewhere.  Help someone now, with the hope that, if you need it someday, someone will feel the impetus to help you.

Poem with an explanation: different

It’s amazing,
how different it feels,
how it’s … just … different,

the Earth’s spin,
those cars moving,
those people walking,
and that store over there,
moving along,

it is all just different.

Everything else,
that once felt solid,
is now,
just a fleeing fog.

This is real,
this matters,
something else matters more though.

on the mind,
despite the look,
despite the distraction,

it is all just different.


Think about, how it feels, after something very bad has happened in your life, but at the time when things somewhat settle down.  It’s amazing how different everything feels.  It’s strange to see the world go on, despite what you’ve been through.  It’s strange (for lack of another word) how what’s on your mind changes.  That is what this poem is about.

Poetry topic idea: turning point

Today’s poetry topic idea is turning point.  A turning point, for the purpose here, is a moment in life when everything seems to change.

These turning point moments range from expected to unexpected and from positive to negative.

Depending on perspective, the worst turning point moments are those that are unexpected and negative and the best are those that are expected and positive (It is possible of course that some might find an expected negative moment to be worse than an unexpected negative one because of the anticipation.  Also, it is possible, that some might find an unexpected positive moment to be better than an expected one because of the surprise.).

There are many turning point moments in life.  Some include:

  • Starting or graduating school
  • Starting or ending a job
  • Winning a large prize
  • Finding out you or someone you know has a disease or, conversely, has been cured of a disease
  • Finding out someone has been born or someone has died
  • A car accident
  • A natural disaster
  • Becoming a crime victim

There are obviously many others.  These moments and others can be used in poetry.

Some aspects of turning point moments, which might be focused on in poetry, might be ideas like perspective, importance, and focus. There can be quite a change in these from before to after a turning point moment.

If anyone writes a poem about a turning point today and posts it online, please use the tag “Turning Point” so M. Sakran can have a chance to read the poems.

A photograph to inspire poetry: grape leaf

Grape leaf

Although it is a little hard to count precisely from this photograph, there are, in fact, exactly 50 points on the edge of the grape leaf in the foreground.  As things related to fifty were thought about, this grape leaf just happened to be checked.  In all honesty, this was the first grape leaf M. Sakran checked, and it just happened to work out.  It did seem amazing at the time.

This nice turn of events can inspire poetry.  A poet could write a poem, where something just works out.

Additionally, obviously, this photograph could inspire poetry about things like grape leaves, grapes, etc.

Experimental Poetry Form: Fifty letters

Today’s experimental poetry form is based off of fifty.  As mentioned, there are many ways to use fifty as the basis of a poetry form.  Some examples include:

  • An acrostic poem using fifty
  • A poem with fifty syllables
  • A poem with fifty feet
  • A poem with fifty words
  • A poem with fifty lines
  • A concrete poem based off of fifty

Some things based off of fifty might be a little difficult for a poetry form.  Some examples might include:

  • Fifty individual rhymes
  • Fifty repeats
  • Fifty refrains

Today’s experimental poetry form takes a simple approach: a poem with fifty letters.  This is simple for the most part, but can be a little difficult in terms of getting the exact number fifty.  A poet could keep the form simple and just have a free verse poem with fifty letters or a poet could add elements such as meter, rhyme, and syllable count, etc. to the form for an added affect.  Here is a simple free verse poem with fifty letters:

Woe is the poor person –
time does flee,
hope is far,
a life does go.


P.S. There is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction on MSakran.com.

Poetry topic idea: fifty

Today’s poetry topic idea is fifty.

As was done with the poem: 50, one way to apply this idea is to have a poem with fifty syllables.  Other similar ideas, might be to have fifty words or feet or some other count in a poem.

Also, as was done with the poem: 50, one way to apply the idea, would be to have a poem with things that are fifty.  In the referenced poem, the things were: the year 1950, the age 50, the 50 yard line, 50 cents as represented by two quarters, 50 cents as represented by four bits, the 50th day of the year, and reference to the 50th state.  There are other “50” things that could be used in a poem.

As was done with the poem with an explanation: fifty, one way to apply the idea of fifty to a poem would be to have a concrete poem.  In this example, it was done with the number “50”.  It could also have been done with the word “fifty”.

There are other ways to apply fifty to a poem as well.  Some include: an acrostic poem of fifty, a poem about the fiftieth something, or a poem about fifty somethings.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Change


This artwork was done in a few phases.  First, a charcoal drawing was made.  That drawing was scanned and then it was computer altered.  Primarily, it was made darker, with more contrast, less highlights and more shadows.  Then the image was computer altered again to give the affect that is seen.

This image relates to the idea of fifty, in that there was, in the original drawing, fifty things in the image.  There were 3 vines, 9 flowers, 19 leaves and 19 berries.  3 + 9 + 19 + 19 = 50.  Through alteration though, some of the items can no longer be clearly seen.  This idea can be used in poetry.

A poem could be written where a change happens.  Something goes from one state to another, and after the change, the original state is no longer recognizable.  An example might be a poem about a child becoming an adult.  Another example, drawn from the image, might be a flower becoming a berry.

This idea could be used for many poems.