Experimental Poetry Form: Four things

Line 1


Line 2

          Line 3 (ten space indention) (first word same as line 1 first word, last word same as line 2 last word)



                    Line 4 (twenty space indention)


  Line 5 (two space indention) (same first word as line 4)

  Line 6 (two space indention) (same last word as line 5)

          Line 7 (ten space indention) (same first word as line 2)


This experimental poetry form is a combination of line count, line breaks, line indention and word patterns.

Here is a poem in written in the form:


A day will be here soon,


as the Earth moves around the Sun,

          a moment, after the dawn of the Sun,



                    when something passed will appear,


  when a gathering of imagination,

  that came from an imagination,

          as a flower will appear.