Poem with an explanation: Fifty

   Two dozen,                          look
   and two dozen           more.      Look,
   two                           more             and
   that                         is all                   there
   seems to be.         Upon                   the
   glass        pane.     Seen                 with
                     still         eyes                  during
                      the         quiet                storm.
So,                  as           the                 rain
falls              out            in a              place
there is     some               explanation


There are a number of aspects to this poem that relate to fifty.

First, this is a concrete poem.  Looking at the poem, it should hopefully look like the number 50.

Second, rather than focusing on something that was inherently fifty, like how many cents are in two quarters, this poem focuses on something that just happens to be fifty in this particular case – the number of drops of rain on a window pane.  The idea here was to be more subtle.  With that, the number of rain drops is said to be “Two dozen … and two dozen … two more”.  This is 24 (two dozen) and 24 (two dozen) and 2, which is 24 + 24 + 2 = 50.

Third, the rain drops in the poem represent the fifty poems with explanations.  This is referenced in the poem where “there is some explanation found.”