Artwork to inspire poetry: Change


This artwork was done in a few phases.  First, a charcoal drawing was made.  That drawing was scanned and then it was computer altered.  Primarily, it was made darker, with more contrast, less highlights and more shadows.  Then the image was computer altered again to give the affect that is seen.

This image relates to the idea of fifty, in that there was, in the original drawing, fifty things in the image.  There were 3 vines, 9 flowers, 19 leaves and 19 berries.  3 + 9 + 19 + 19 = 50.  Through alteration though, some of the items can no longer be clearly seen.  This idea can be used in poetry.

A poem could be written where a change happens.  Something goes from one state to another, and after the change, the original state is no longer recognizable.  An example might be a poem about a child becoming an adult.  Another example, drawn from the image, might be a flower becoming a berry.

This idea could be used for many poems.