Experimental Poetry Form: Fifty letters

Today’s experimental poetry form is based off of fifty.  As mentioned, there are many ways to use fifty as the basis of a poetry form.  Some examples include:

  • An acrostic poem using fifty
  • A poem with fifty syllables
  • A poem with fifty feet
  • A poem with fifty words
  • A poem with fifty lines
  • A concrete poem based off of fifty

Some things based off of fifty might be a little difficult for a poetry form.  Some examples might include:

  • Fifty individual rhymes
  • Fifty repeats
  • Fifty refrains

Today’s experimental poetry form takes a simple approach: a poem with fifty letters.  This is simple for the most part, but can be a little difficult in terms of getting the exact number fifty.  A poet could keep the form simple and just have a free verse poem with fifty letters or a poet could add elements such as meter, rhyme, and syllable count, etc. to the form for an added affect.  Here is a simple free verse poem with fifty letters:

Woe is the poor person –
time does flee,
hope is far,
a life does go.


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