Poetry topic idea: turning point

Today’s poetry topic idea is turning point.  A turning point, for the purpose here, is a moment in life when everything seems to change.

These turning point moments range from expected to unexpected and from positive to negative.

Depending on perspective, the worst turning point moments are those that are unexpected and negative and the best are those that are expected and positive (It is possible of course that some might find an expected negative moment to be worse than an unexpected negative one because of the anticipation.  Also, it is possible, that some might find an unexpected positive moment to be better than an expected one because of the surprise.).

There are many turning point moments in life.  Some include:

  • Starting or graduating school
  • Starting or ending a job
  • Winning a large prize
  • Finding out you or someone you know has a disease or, conversely, has been cured of a disease
  • Finding out someone has been born or someone has died
  • A car accident
  • A natural disaster
  • Becoming a crime victim

There are obviously many others.  These moments and others can be used in poetry.

Some aspects of turning point moments, which might be focused on in poetry, might be ideas like perspective, importance, and focus. There can be quite a change in these from before to after a turning point moment.

If anyone writes a poem about a turning point today and posts it online, please use the tag “Turning Point” so M. Sakran can have a chance to read the poems.