Poem with an explanation: different

It’s amazing,
how different it feels,
how it’s … just … different,

the Earth’s spin,
those cars moving,
those people walking,
and that store over there,
moving along,

it is all just different.

Everything else,
that once felt solid,
is now,
just a fleeing fog.

This is real,
this matters,
something else matters more though.

on the mind,
despite the look,
despite the distraction,

it is all just different.


Think about, how it feels, after something very bad has happened in your life, but at the time when things somewhat settle down.  It’s amazing how different everything feels.  It’s strange to see the world go on, despite what you’ve been through.  It’s strange (for lack of another word) how what’s on your mind changes.  That is what this poem is about.