Poem with an explanation: the boy and the monster

There the boy stands,

He is helpless,
with no strength,
with no weapons,
with no armor.

It is worse.
He is weak,
he is tired,
he can hardly,

falling from the sky,
is the monster.

it stands,
its teeth,
its arms,

It roars,
it towers over the boy,
it is fat,
and ugly,
and hideous.

It roars at the boy,
and says,
he will,

The monster,
rears back,
and moves forward,
to consume the boy,
with one bite.

The boy stands,
and is scared.

But the boy,
the boy alone,
is not alone.

Soldiers fall from the sky.
They stand between the boy,
and the monster,
and pressing buttons,
a force field appears.

The monster hits the field,
stumbles back,
and in a rage,
swings its arm,
to swipe the soldiers away.

A burst shines out,
and then another,
the monster falls back,
other soldiers,
from the behind the boy,
fire their cannon.

The boy,
does not know,
where the soldiers,
come from.

The monster,
does not know,
where the soldiers,
come from.

The monster roars,
and shouts,
that it,
will kill the boy,
and that,
the soldiers,
are nothing.

The monster tries to leap,
forward into the sky,
but in a flash,
its left arm,
is torn away.

There are more soldiers,
countless soldiers,
they surround the boy,
their lasers,
and cannons,
and bombs,
are deafening.

The monster,
cannot be seen,
from the explosions.

In the distance,
there is smoke,
and chants,
and voices.

The boy huddles,
on the ground.

The vast space,
is now covered,
with soldiers,
one picks up the boy,
holding him,
and speaking softly.

The boy smiles.

The monster is dead.

The soldiers cheer.


This poem is about a small boy with cancer and the innumerable number of people who help him beat it.