Poem with an explanation: Leaving

Keven left Monday,
no one,
but curious distractions,

Zelda perceived quick responses –
so timid.

Understandably vexed was Xavier Young,
fighting guilty hypocrisy,
incredibly jumbled.


This poem was based off of the alphabet.  First the alphabet was written (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz), then it was divided into five letter groups plus z (abcde, fghij, klmno, pqrst, uvwxy, z), then, as the poem was written, the order of the groups was rearranged (klmno, abcde, z, pqrst, uvwxy, fghij).  The words in the poem start with letters that match the order of the rearranged alphabet (ex. Kevin left Monday, no one – klmno).

The poem is about an employee, Keven, who was fired from his job.  In the first stanza, he was fired on Monday, but as he was made to leave the building, no one said anything to him.  Instead, they seemed to be distracted just at the moment he walked by.

In the second stanza, Zelda, a now former coworker, sees how people quickly get distracted and thinks that they are all timid for not acknowledging the fired Keven.

In the last stanza, another former coworker, Xavier Young, is agitated as Keven leaves.  Xavier was a friend of Keven, whom Keven stood by in the past, and now Xavier is not standing by Keven.