Poem with an explanation: Ode to Oro

Ode to Oro

A piece of gold,
within the sea,
found from the shimmer.

Brought out to sky,
carried by the breeze,
to a far off lake.

And there the gold,
did find another,
and both did shine.

But something there,
it was not right,
and the gold began to fade.

The color went,
and flowed away,
until the gold was gone.

Then to the land,
what was there left,
was sent away.

The other left,
it still did shine,
but less brightly.

But through all this,
the gold was bright,
and still brightens the thoughts.


This poem is about a goldfish named Oro.  Oro is Spanish for gold.

In the first stanza, Oro is bought from a store.  He was spotted because of his bright color.

In the second stanza, Oro is carried home and brought to a fish tank.

When Oro gets to the tank, in the third stanza, he finds another goldfish there.  Both are happy.

But soon, in the fourth stanza, something is wrong.  Oro begins to get sick, and his color fades.

In the fifth stanza, Oro dies.

In the sixth stanza, Oro is buried in a yard.

In the seventh stanza, the other goldfish, is less happy.

In the last stanza, Oro is remembered.