Poetry topic idea: silver

Today’s poetry topic idea is silver.  Some ideas about silver that can be applied to poetry are:

  • Silver is sometimes seen as second to gold. This idea of “second” can be applied to poetry.  For example, a poet might write about siblings, where one is better at something than the other.
  • A poet might think of silver and decide to write about money. Although presumably most money is not made of silver today, a poet could use the imagery of it in a poem.
  • Silver can be associated with refinement. An example of this might be a silver service for dining.  The idea of refinement could be used in poetry.
  • Silver is a beautiful metal, but presumably, the mining process is probably not beautiful. There is probably dirt, loud machines, heat, chemicals and processes of different natures (As a note, M. Sakran knows very little about mining in general and almost nothing about silver mining.  Still, these presumptions could possibly be true.)  If these things are the case, a poet could write about this contrast and stages.  The idea of something not beautiful creating something beautiful, could be used in poetry.
  • Silver can be used metaphorically in a positive or a negative way. The idea of a “silver lining” is positive, but the idea of a “silver spoon” is negative.  A poet could use and expand on this idea.