A Milestone: 600th Blog Post

Today is the 600th blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  600 is a big number.  The first post was on April 24, 2014.  It has been two years, four months, two weeks and five days since that first post.  A total of eight hundred and seventy two days.  That is a lot.

In this time, there has been a lot on the blog.  There have been poems, poetry topic ideas, poems with explanations, artwork to inspire poetry, photographs to inspire poetry, experimental poetry forms, bilingual poems, and other things.  The links in this paragraph go to pages that show posts where those things were listed as categories.  All of the posts can be found from the Posts List page.

As a reminder on this milestone, please remember that copies of M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try, are available for purchase.  You can buy one here: First Try.  It is available in print and as an eBook.

Also as a reminder on this milestone, please check out M. Sakran’s website, www.msakran.com.  It has photography, artwork and fiction that, in relation to this blog, can be used to inspire poetry, and there is poetry there to read.

Hopefully readers have enjoyed what has been on the blog.  Hopefully, depending on the post, things have been entertaining, educational, inspirational, and contemplative.  Hopefully everyone has liked everything.

If anyone would like to send M. Sakran a message about the blog on this milestone date, please use the form on the contact page.  If you want, you can let M. Sakran know what you think of the blog so far.

In the very near future, there is going to be an announcement of something hopefully readers will be interested in.  M. Sakran has been working on a project and hopefully the finishing touches will be done soon.  Please stay tuned.

As an end to this 600th blog post, here is a celebratory poem:

Gather in the square,
and hear the band today,
the celebrations starts,
and all do shout hooray.

The minstrels sing their songs,
and acrobats do flip,
the vendors they sell food,
even spinach dip.

The people they come in,
in colors all so bright,
they fill the square with joy,
and dance until the night.

The party it does end,
as stars do fill the sky,
the people leave with joy,
as fireworks fly high.