Announcement: Understanding: poems with explanations

M. Sakran is happy to announce that M. Sakran has written a second book! This book is called Understanding: poems with explanations and became available for pre-order this past Friday! Pre-order your copy today!

Understanding: poems with explanations Cover

Understanding: poems with explanations

By M. Sakran

Copyright 2016 M. Sakran


Understanding: poems with explanations by M. Sakran, is a soon to be self-published collection of twenty original poems, with explanations of each of them.  The main purpose of this book is to help readers expand their understanding of poetry through the explanations.  It is scheduled to be published on September 27, 2016, but can be pre-ordered now.

The poems in the book cover a variety of topics such as poverty, homelessness, pain, neglect, crime and illness.

The explanations look at the overall meanings of the poems, the meanings of individual parts of the poems, and form in the poems.

Understanding: poems with explanations is currently available for pre-order as an eBook here: Understanding: poems with explanations.  It is currently available for $0.99.  The eBook should be available to order on September 27th, and the available price of $0.99 is not expected to change for the foreseeable future.

The foreword to Understanding: poems with explanations was written by Freya Pickard.  Freya was gracious enough to take the time to write the foreword and is much appreciated.

Freya has two blogs: Pure Haiku and Dragonscale Clippings.  If you are looking to read and submit traditional haiku, then check out Pure Haiku.  If you would like to read and find information about a variety of Freya’s writings and other things, then check out Dragonscale Clippings.

Freya also has three books available: The Rusalka Rítual & Other Stories, The Essence of Thyme, and Dragonscale Leggings.

Pre-order Understanding: poems with explanations by M. Sakran today!