Understanding: poems with explanations: Who might enjoy this book?

M. Sakran’s new book, Understanding: poems with explanations, is currently available for pre-order as an eBook for an available price of $0.99. A question is, who might enjoy this book?

Well, first, hopefully a wide variety of people, but more specifically:

  • People who like to read poetry, but find that they have trouble sometimes understanding what poems mean.
  • People who like to write poetry, but find that they sometimes have trouble expressing certain ideas in certain ways.
  • People who feel like they don’t like poetry, because they “just don’t get it”.
  • People who like poetry, but have been wanting to read poems that are explained by the author to know what the poems really mean.

Understanding: poems with explanations, goes through twenty poems in a detailed way.  The explanations look at the overall meanings of the poems, the meanings of individual parts of the poems, and form in the poems.

By reading this book, in addition to learning what these poems mean, hopefully a person can learn more about understanding poetry.  This could help a person when they read poetry and when they write it.

This book could also provide some assistance to those who feel they “just don’t get poetry”.  By reading these twenty poems and their explanations, hopefully a little of the mystery will be gone.

Lastly, if you’ve ever read a book a poetry and wished that you could know what the author meant, well, this books does that for twenty poems.

Hopefully a wide variety of people will enjoy this new book.  Pre-order your copy today!